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Have you heard about the faceless people popping up at different events? This picture caught my attention one day.

Thanks to Splash for the photo. Here is the original article reporting the aliens. Speculation that these “faceless people” could be famous people trying to fool the paparazzi or perhaps a marketing stunt (and you know I hate that word “stunt!”).

Well in fact the mystery is almost solved. As reported by this article, the faceless people even have their own website. The website www.facelesspeople.com features a small logo directing you to Group Lotus’ main website – check out those hot cars!

So now the countdown begins until the new Lotus Eagle car is revealed. I think this is a brilliant campaign that uses all sorts of tools such as sparking curiosity and speculation through special events and online. To-date, I haven’t seen any banner ads or other vehicles advertising this campaign although I’m probably not the target audience.

So do you love it or think this is just plain creepy? Post your thoughts!


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