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Is Public Relations & Marketing right for your company? And just as important, is Felber PR & Marketing right for you? Complete our marketing checklist below to find out if you're ready!

B2B Communications has always proven a valuable undertaking for manufacturing businesses. And in an era of increasing media choices, PR & Marketing can be essential in helping you break through with key messages targeting your most important customers. Our relationship with clients starts with a mutual understanding of your marketing needs and the tactics that will yield the best results.

Marketing Checklist

Determine if you are ready for marketing by completing our marketing checklist. To provide you the most accurate estimate of our services and to better understand your company's culture, please check all that apply (fields in red are required to submit form):

Company adds new products and features at least every other month
Company adds/promotes personnel several times a year and is interested in publicly acknowledging
We regularly apply for awards in our industry
We regularly apply for local awards or community awards
We advertise in print (local, regional or national)
We advertise online (pay per click and/or banner advertisements)
We have set-up social media accounts and are using them at least once a week
Customers have or are willing to provide testimonials and be represented in case studies
One or more of our staff participate in industry trade associations
Our company routinely participates in community events/charity functions
Company has or can develop technical content for white papers
Company attends and/or exhibits at one or more tradeshows a year
A newsletter, email or print is sent several times a year
Co-op funds are available from our best vendors
Education sessions are held with our customers
Representatives have or have been asked to speak publicly on our services/industry
We have great stories on how our company achieved results for our customers
We maintain a database of prospects and customers with critical features such as how they found our company and how often they use our services/products

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