• Reestablish an existing company brand with new owners and culture


  • Deployed HubSpot as a marketing automation platform and lead HubSpot onboarding
  • Implemented new photography strategy to better capture products, capabilities and company culture
  • Performed SEO research to inform website improvements and include keywords in content strategy
  • Designed and engineered a new website to showcase the brand and optimize SEO and user experience
  • Developed a comprehensive content marketing strategy which included persona research and development followed by the creation of a company blog and targeted content map


  • Established a system for customer data collection that wasn’t previously available for sales and marketing
  • Within a year of rebranding and establishing an inbound marketing initiative, Mika’s production reached capacity
  • Generated new business from industries that were targeted in blog, email and social media content marketing campaigns

“Rob Felber is a highly knowledgeable marketing, public relations, social media and HubSpot professional. While we have been business acquaintances for a number of years, I have had the pleasure of working with him extensively over the last several months for HubSpot implementation, onboarding (which will support the new website he and his team has developed for Mika Metal Products) and training. His grasp of the HubSpot platform has been incredibly helpful in bringing me up to speed quickly on the nuances and power we have – and will continue to build – under his tutelage. I would highly recommend his custom onboarding versus “out of the box” onboarding other providers may offer. The value is bar none, because he combines the technical aspects of the process together with relevant, useful suggestions based on our specific goals and initiatives. I look forward to working with Rob as we continue to build out our company marketing strategies!” – Rebecca Cole, Director of Sales and Marketing

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photography content, services promotion