• Create awareness and relationships with industry trade media
  • Maintain awareness among established media contacts
  • Secure additional press coverage from publications that have already covered Fabrisonic
  • Earn press coverage despite confidentiality agreements that restricted featuring Fabrisonic’s work with certain customers


  • Built a content system to continually showcases Fabrisonic’s rapidly growing and adapting technology
  • Redirected public relations strategy to pitch application stories (how the technology works), rather than mentioning specific clients and their confidential work with Fabrisonic
  • Developed trade show strategy to engage media which included media research, direct mail promotions, email campaigns and media interviews
  • Attended various trade shows to help engage with media and prospects


  • Since hiring Felber PR and Marketing in 2014, Fabrisonic has earned national and international media coverage and we’ve established a pressroom with over 150 media hits
  • Established a system for customer data collection that wasn’t previously available for sales and marketing
  • Fabrisonic has seen a 50 fold increase in their prospect and media database, increasing from 0 contacts to ~6,500

“Fabrisonic has been working with Felber PR for a number of years. They know how to get your company in front of the right customers and can help manage an integrated marketing and PR effort. In particular, the crew at Felber understands small to midsize manufacturing shops including some of us grumpy ole shop floor guys.” – Mark Norfolk, President and CEO

trade media interview