Why Manufacturers Still Need Traditional PR & Marketing in a Digital World

public-relations-manufacturersLet’s face it, manufacturers are living, breathing and selling in a digital world. If you’ve read our page on inbound marketing, you already know why manufacturers need to devote their time and talents to inbound marketing. However, manufacturers shouldn’t discredit the power of traditional publicity tactics; as well as advertising and trade show marketing. In this blog, I’ll highlight the top 5 reasons your manufacturing company should “tie the knot” with traditional marketing and inbound marketing for ultimate success.

Why Traditional Marketing Tactics Should Be Incorporated with Inbound

Attract People to Your Brand

The first step in the inbound marketing process is attraction. Business-to-business manufacturers don’t want just anyone visiting their website. They want qualified leads who can benefit from their products, services, and knowledge. In marketing terms, you want your ideal prospective customers or “buyer personas”. By going to a trade show, being featured in an industry publication or by advertising in the right magazine, you are enhancing your brand. The key to inbound is first attracting people to your website and then “converting” the lead, or enticing them with an offer that your prospect thinks has enough value to trade their information (email, company name, etc.) to receive. Interested in how this works in inbound? Click here.
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Build Credibility in Your Industry

A study by Pew Research recently found that more people trust information coming directly from the news media than they do from social media. Sure, you could have a great case study of how you helped a manufacturers save time, money, and resources with your solution but having it on your website works better if it was first published in an established industry journal.  Published articles shows your prospects and current customers that you are who you say you are, that you provide great products and services worthy of recognition.  Your customers and prospects will view you, your experts, and your company, as a thought leaders or innovators..

Ability to Reach a Larger Audience

Looking to reach a larger audience? By receiving frequent recognition in industry and local publications, your message is able to reach thousands and thousands of people in that publication’s circulation who otherwise may not find you. When considering pitching a story or developing a magazine ad campaign, check their circulation statistics. The magazine should be able to provide you with a media guide detailing the number of readers and their demographics. Also, your customers are a great indicator of where you should pitch your stories. During your calls with loyal customers, ask them what are the top 3 industry publications they feel are valuable and you must read during the month?” If you see a trend, that’s where you should focus your strategy.

Traditional PR is still a powerful marketing tactic that marries well with inbound marketing. Editorial coverage, trade show marketing, and advertising help manufacturer position themselves as an industry thought leaders and reach a larger audience. For more information on our public relations and media services for manufacturers, visit http://www.felberpr.com/services/public-relations-manufacturing/.