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How to Use Publication Media Kits to Target Better Prospects

  Inbound Marketing, and all sales tactics for that matter, require proper targeting of prospects. Lead generation is your ultimate goal – but who determines just the right lead. Consequently, the same targeting data is needed when researching manufacturing trade media for publicity and advertising alike. So, let’s learn How to Use Publication Media Kits to […]

Extend the Reach of Your Media Hits with Social Media

Congratulations! Your company has received multiple media hits with the industrial trade media you have been targeting. These stories will live forever on the web, impacting your search engine optimization and manufacturing company’s reputation. Third-party endorsements such as articles, videos, and blogs really move the needle. Check out our client Fabrisonic’s press room here. Below, […]

What is a qualified lead? Just ask your prospect.

Prospects have the answers to all of your questions. Have you asked them? Every manufacturer we work with wants more leads. To that end, they prefer leads that are more qualified and prospects that are inclined to do business with your company. So, why is it so hard to find “qualified” leads? While every company […]

How to Increase Manufacturing Sales with Social Selling

They like me, they really like me! Manufacturers have learned that LinkedIn is a great resource for connecting to professionals, promoting your brand and message. Many manufacturers attend trade shows, host webinars and engage in philanthropic activities, which they promote on social media. While these posts are great, manufacturers are missing one critical piece–reviewing their […]

Public Relations For Manufacturers – Our Best eBook Yet!

Hot off the virtual presses Learn what we have practiced with industrial publications since 1993 Let’s face it, manufacturers are living, breathing and selling in a digital world. However, manufacturers shouldn’t discredit the power of traditional publicity tactics. A strong PR strategy can aid in attracting better prospects to your brand and building credibility in your […]

Seven Strategies for Increased Employee Engagement

Guest blog post Employee engagement has been a hot topic amongst corporations, large and small, for almost two decades now. Most organizations recognize the importance of an engaged team; it helps you lower your risk of turnover, boost customer satisfaction, realize higher productivity, improve the bottom line and increase your company’s overall chance of success.  […]

A Mfg Day Reflection: Why Case Studies Need to be Part of Your Sales Strategy

Tomorrow, October 5, 2018, is  Manufacturing Day. This month, across the country, people will join in celebrating modern manufacturing. Students, educators, media, and business people into their facilities to educate them on manufacturing careers and change the public’s perception of the manufacturing sector. At Felber PR & Marketing, we love the excitement that comes with […]