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TEDx Robert Felber – 1 year reflection

Bucket list, check. Actually, doing a TEDx Talk wasn’t even on the list. However, a year ago I was invited by a dynamic group of seniors at Orange High School, my alma mater, to tell my story.  My talk, “The Path Less Traveled – Impact Your Future and Those Around You”, was deeply personal and, […]

Our Transition to Working Exclusively with Manufacturers

As most business owners quickly discover, you cannot be everything to everyone. Trying to serve multiple markets and customers often gives the impression of a scattered, unfocused brand. That was us until the late-90s. We would take any client (the joke was as long as their check cleared). We worked with non-profits, service companies, distributors, […]

Felber PR & Marketing is Celebrating 30 Years!

  Party like it’s 1993… with your Sony (radio) Walkman for $29.98, listening to redneck humor from Jeff Foxworthy and obsessing about finding the hottest Beanie Babies. Yes, that was 1993, and the founding year of Felber Public Relations and Marketing.  In recollection, it was more like rubbing two nickels together, driving through downtown Cleveland in […]

Manufacturing Day’s Impact on a Turbulent Economy

Manufacturers have been, and continue to be, on a wild ride. While supply chain is grabbing the headlines, companies know that the heart of the problem is recruiting workers at all stages of production. Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) is a long-standing initiative of The Manufacturing Institute, with the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association as a founding […]

The path of least (sales) resistance

  Sales, the elusive goal of lead generation, can often be sidelined by roadblocks, hurdles, and potholes. Any delay in your sales procedure can allow doubt, buyer hesitation, or worse, a competitor into the process. This article is NOT about overcoming objections or even listening better; save those tactics for the sales trainers. Let’s look […]