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Forbes: On CRM: When To Buy HubSpot, And When Not To

We love HubSpot, but it’s not for everyone. Forbes Magazine contributor Gene Marks does an excellent job of breaking down the most often asked question, “should my company buy HubSpot?” Forbes:  “HubSpot is one of those sales and marketing platforms that, when mentioned, always raises questions from my clients. Is it a Customer Relationship Management […]

3 Business-to-Business Manufacturing Lead Generation Strategies That Work

Are you a manufacturer seeking to connect with prospects, increase brand awareness, and generate qualified leads that ultimately convert into customers? Keep reading to learn 3 B2B manufacturing marketing strategies that can help you do that! 1.Utilize Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Brand’s Following Manufacturing decision-makers more often than not will make purchasing decisions based […]

Why B2B Manufacturers Should Utilize HubSpot

Oftentimes, we are asked why we are a HubSpot Partner Agency and if HubSpot really makes a difference in a successful inbound marketing strategy. In this blog we’ll take a deep dive into why manufacturers who have invested in HubSpot to automate their sales and marketing processes report better lead generation, sales efficiencies, and campaign […]

Why Manufacturers Should Invest in Digital Advertising Right Now

Digital advertising such as pay-per-click and social media ads are increasingly becoming a marketing budget replacement for in-person events such as conferences and tradeshows. This is undoubtedly due to the “new normal” being forced upon manufacturers by the COVID-19 Pandemic. With no end date for COVID-19 in sight, this trend will continue to grow, making […]

You’re on MUTE!

The most common phrase since the beginning of the pandemic and the use of video meetings such as Zoom is “You’re on Mute!” You’re excited to contribute to the conversation, it’s your 6th video call of the day, and all people see is our lips moving and hands waving. Then you hear it, someone informs […]

When Your Prospects and Customers Became Humans

  It was easy before virus-interruptus to just plow through prospecting. Sure we sent emails and viewed LinkedIn profiles but did we really get to know our contacts at a personal level? Did we see the human smiling back at you in their profile picture or just click through to see how large the company […]