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How to Navigate Paid and Sponsored Opportunities at Trade Shows

Trade shows offer a variety of paid and sponsored opportunities. It can be overwhelming for manufacturers to determine which opportunities will have the most return-on-investment.  In our blog, we’ve written on the topic of trade shows for manufacturers from several angles. We have discussed how manufacturers can engage media, who should “work” the booth and […]

Grow Your Manufacturing Workforce – Manufacturing Day 2017

Manufacturing is booming in the United States, yet there is one major concern holding companies back from growing to their full potential: manufacturing workforce. We exclusively work with business-to-business manufacturers and at every single meeting, regardless of whether we’re discussing trade shows, content development or publicity, the topic eventually turns to talent acquisition. Manufacturers across […]

How to Attain Media Interviews at Trade Shows Part 2

In Part One, we covered the steps necessary to prepare your company to arrange interviews with industry media at trade shows. Now that you have interviews scheduled, you’ll need to be prepared for the actual interview. The Interview Have both your media-trained experts as well as media kit information ready at interview time. Copies of […]

How to Attain Media Interviews at Industrial Trade Shows Part 1

Frustrated that your competitor is always in the news? Questioning why they are continually interviewed and not your company? Wondering how to secure a feature about your manufacturing company’s products and services? Here’s a secret: Smart manufacturing sales and marketing professionals treat the media just like any other prospect. They get to know industry reporters, […]

Why are manufacturing sales managers so teed off?

Are manufacturing sales managers naturally angry? Is there something about their role managing salespeople that has them really ticked off? Of course not, unless your boss is Lumbergh from Office Space and your sales people have not turned in their TPS reports. We all know how much sales people love doing reports. Whether it be […]

How to Increase Social Selling with LinkedIn

How to impact manufacturing sales and be ‘sticky’ with LinkedIn contacts Why do you use LinkedIn? Are you trying to find new manufacturing sales prospects, trying to keep tabs on your customers or were you just told it’s the place to be for business professionals? Our manufacturing clients ask us all the time about how […]

ROI for Inbound Marketing – Ciuni & Panichi 2016 CPE Day

  ROI for Inbound Marketing 2016 CPE Day Friday, December 2, 2016. Register here Explore the measurement tools available to evaluate your marketing strategies. Establish goals beyond website visits, and actually establish conversion strategies for content marketing, publicity and social media. Speaker: Robert M. Felber, Felber PR & Marketing Felber PR helps business to business […]

Top Tips for Cold-Calling Prospects on Your Website

Creepy Crawlers on Your Website or Your Next Sale? The scary sales call is not just for Halloween.. Let’s face it, technology from George Orwell’s 1984 is alive and well on Halloween 2016. We’re a mobile society; we buy stuff with one click from Amazon and react when online retailers offer other products to go […]

I Don’t Work In Manufacturing So Manufacturing Day Doesn’t Matter

It’s October, which means it is the season for fall colors, clambakes and football. Additionally, it is Manufacturing Month, kicked off by Manufacturing Day on October 7, 2016. Founded in 2012, Manufacturing Day is an annual national event that “has been designed to expand knowledge about, and improve public perceptions of manufacturing careers and manufacturing’s […]