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What Most Manufacturers Miss at Trade Shows

The show traffic was heavy. You made many appointments and even a few sales. Months of pre-show planning, training, traffic building promotions and creative booth design seems to have created success. So, what could you possibly have missed? You sponsored the cocktail party, hosted client dinners; you even held a demonstration on the show floor. […]

>Earth Day is April 22, 2011

> Yes the official Earth Day is almost here, but every day should be celebrated as earth day. As a society that is the world’s largest producer and consumer we have a responsibility to help sustain out natural resources and our planet. Sustainability is more than just a word in our corporate culture but a […]

>Make People Ask For Your Card

>You walk into a meeting of five people, and the instinct is to immediately hand them your business card. Don’t do it! Why? Because they didn’t ask for it. Promotional Consultant Today shares these strategies for making people ask for your business card Let me explain why that’s important. What happens when we give out […]

>A Sweet Deal to Show Your Love

>Wow! What a start to 2011. This should be a year of renewed energy in marketing by evidence of the current activity in the marketplace. I said I would report from our national convention held in early January, but so many new campaigns have prevented me from writing until today. As promised here is a […]

>2011 Starts off with new and exciting ideas

>Now that you have all recovered from the holidays, crazy weather patterns and the year-end push it is time to renew your creativity. Let us all go into the new year with a positive attitude with conviction. Ask yourself the following: Can I do more to help my clients?Can I be more creative?Can I look […]

>Are you much cooler online?

> Are you more like Jason Alexander in Brad Paisley’s hit country song and video “Online” or do you let your true self appear online? In the song/video, Alexander sings about changing his appearance, occupation and wealth via his online alter-ego. With the explosion of any medium such as social media, also comes the inevitable […]

>Happy New Year Reminder

>2010 is almost behind us and we are all looking forward to a new year filled with new and exciting challenges. Before it is loo late don’t forget to place your order Happy New Year cards. Still time for last minute orders. Click here for selection. I will be reporting (as time allows) from the […]