How to Use Publication Media Kits to Target Better Prospects

Lead generation for inbound marketing using manufacturing trade publications

How to Use Publication Media Kits to Target Better Prospects


Inbound Marketing, and all sales tactics for that matter, require proper targeting of prospects. Lead generation is your ultimate goal – but who determines just the right lead. Consequently, the same targeting data is needed when researching manufacturing trade media for publicity and advertising alike. So, let’s learn How to Use Publication Media Kits to Target Better Prospects.

Defining your prospect persona is critical. We’ve covered this already, so please visit this article if you need a refresher: Why Developing Buyer Personas is Invaluable for Manufacturers

How to define if a publication is a good way to reach your prospects/customers you need to know a few tips. First, visit the publication’s website, those you “suspect” your prospect reads. Look for the advertising or media kit sections. Download the kits you deem worthy and look at the following critical factors:

  • Circulation (who does the publication reach?)
  • Do industry verticals match your target persona?
  • Do the titles or job descriptions match your personas?
  • Ultimately, do you have something newsworthy to offer these readers
Trade publication media kits - inbound lead generation

                      How manufacturing trade publications can be used                                                     for inbound lead generation

Most media kits package this information in easy to reach charts and graphs. The good publications cite their research on how they determined their facts and figures. Whether you are looking to advertise, place editorial, content of both, review these kits to see if they match your target audience.

Look at both the editorial calendar of topics to be covered by their editors, as well as trade conferences the publication is attending (hence bonus coverage). Armed with this information you are in a much better position to make an educated and researched decision.