Endless Job Opportunities with Manufacturers in the U.S.

Help Wanted”

Have you seen the “Help Wanted” signs at businesses in your city? It’s no secret that Covid-19 impacted every business across the globe. We are currently living the aftermath of the virus. As more people get the vaccine, businesses are starting to open up completely and there is a high demand for workers. According to Eric Morath, writer for WSJ, he stated, “openings continued to grow in May (2021) according to job search site Indeed.com. That followed an increase of nearly 1 million unfilled positions in April, to 9.3 million, the highest level on records back to 2000,” leaving endless opportunities for those looking for work. The number of job postings in May reached 27%, which was led by various industries who are looking for help. Manufacturing has seen a growth in the number of employees in May of 2021, but not enough to counteract the losses in April.

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics stated in their report, “Job Openings and Labor Turnover – April 2021,” that in December of 2020, job openings increased in various industries, reaching a high of 9.3 million. In manufacturing, this number reached (+78,000) job opportunities. As of April 2021 hires in durable goods manufacturing were (-37,000), showing that the manufacturing industry has still not recovered from the Covid-19 outbreak. The manufacturing industry will continue to suffer if nothing is done about the drastic decrease in hires.

How can your company recruit more workers?

With these record-level job openings across the country, it is crucial to have a marketing plan in order to attract potential employees. Here are a few ways to get your company’s name out there to those in need of work:

Print ads in local papers announcing job fairs

  1. Make applying for a position easy. Use online forms on the company website
  2. Host job fairs with access to proficiency and drug testing, factory tours, and benefits discussions
  3. Continuously posting on job recruiting websites 
  4. Reaching out to previous employees or current employees and telling them to refer those in need of work
  5. Post in the local newspapers
  6. Utilize local radio advertisements 
  7. Have a strong social media presence that is updated regularly
  8. Utilize billboards
  9. Movie commercials (those pre-movie ads in the theater)


How one local manufacturer is pulling out all stops for recruitment: a case study with Grand River Rubber & Plastics

Grand River Rubber & Plastics Company is a 100% employee owned company in Ashtabula, Ohio. Grand River specializes in lathe cut gaskets, vacuum sweeper belts, and drum and pail gaskets. Since Covid-19, Grand River has been using various marketing tactics in order to attract more employees. Grand River utilized a billboard, continuous social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter, print ads in local newspapers as well as movie commercials (those in theater pre-movie commercials), and a local radio commercial, to gain the attention of potential employees. 


Strategically placed billboards near the facility









Social media posts were placed on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

The billboard advertisement will help to gain the attention of anyone driving alongside the highway. With the link to the website on the billboard and big lettering saying, “We’re Hiring,” this will catch numerous drivers’ eyes. Having clear and defined social media posts is what will attract potential employees. Knowing which channels to use is also a crucial factor when deciding where to advertise. The print ad is detailed and organized with valuable information on Grand River and how to apply. The movie commercial will be played before any screening when the audience is waiting for the movie to start, giving it a large reach. Lastly, the radio commercial that will be played in the local radio stations near the factory is a great way to geo-target a specific audience in search of those who could be potential employees.


“Yes, please come visit our shop.”

The world, and specifically the sales side of manufacturing is opening up. Factories are welcoming their suppliers and vendors back for in-person meetings. This is a far cry from last year, and especially what we wrote about in our August 2020 blog How to Adapt B2B Manufacturing Sales Strategy for the COVID-19 World.

During the pandemic, we learned to market our manufacturing companies differently. Where we previously relied on visiting customers, trade conferences, and phone calls during Covid we turned to Inbound Marketing, digital content, automated email, and targeted social media. This was not only needed to maintain relationships but to make sure we can still nurture our prospects through the sales process. 

It worked, and now those same prospects are saying,

 “yes, please come visit our shop.”

As we transition back, we need to stay organized and balance both worlds. Prospects that still prefer a remote process and those that want us to schedule meetings. Having a world-class CRM such as HubSpot can make the difference. 

Here are three key attributes that will keep you organized and not let any opportunities slip through the cracks. 

HubSpot tasks offer a tremendous organizational tool


  1. Use the task feature so you do not lose track of opportunities. Schedule a call, email, or to-do for your prospect. Set priorities and reminders and you will quickly find a clean and efficient way to organize your prospecting. You can even build a custom queue to further organize lists, e.g. by industry, territory, or product mix.


  1. Use HubSpot’s meeting scheduler to eliminate the back and forth scheduling scavenger hunt we all go through when trying to find a mutual time to meet. Your contact can see when you are available and pick the most convenient time for them. 


  1. Your prospect’s behavior often is an indicator of future success. Know when they are visiting your website, what they are reading, and even if they viewed your proposal (And…how many times!). This is great intelligence that you will use as you prepare for that first in-person sales call. 


HubSpot offers many levels of features, starting with free CRM, MarketingStarter, and Marketing/Sales Professional. You can start small and grow. Interested in a demonstration? Contact us today.