How much money are you wasting on website marketing that is not yielding results?


A website SEO audit can turn that around


Your website looks great. However, if no one sees it, what’s the point? There is always talk about the holy grail of ranking, Google’s #1 position. The higher your site ranks compared to your competitors, the more opportunities to convert qualified prospects into customers. Countless items can impact your ranking and ultimately what our manufacturing clients desire is the real holy grail’, lead conversion. If you are spending money on marketing to attract those leads, but your site is never found, that’s the problem.

An SEO audit evaluates several aspects of a website to uncover problems or errors that may result in your site not being shown in a Google search, and ultimately, not found by your target audience. SEO audits are a great way to find out where your website stands and what you can do to improve its performance.

Our SEO audit covers five main areas: Technical review, Meta & structured data analysis, Core Web Vitals, UX (user experience) Issues, and Site Results in Google Search. If you are planning any marketing program to attract prospects, whether paid advertising, newsletters, social posting, content marketing, or otherwise, it’s critical to first have your website looking great, and functioning well.

Technical Review

Is analytics and Google Search Console installed and linked? If using HubSpot, are tracking reports linked? Make sure the URL is indexed and not blocked by robots. Check for broken links and if the sitemap is submitted. Without a sitemap, Google will not know where to look when scrolling and ultimately ranking your website.

Meta & Structured Data

Does your page contain a unique meta description and the one that always surprises us is when the Header Tags are not installed or worse, even relevant? How are your keywords ranking?

SEO Audit Sale! Was $2,000, now $1,500 for our readers.Core Web Vitals – Mobile Friendly


Now let’s look at the website load speed. Who wants to wait for a site to load? Is the site mobile responsive? Yes, that is still a big deal. Also, make sure to check for hacked content and malware.

UX (User Experience) issues

Is the site navigation clear and are there effective calls to action (CTAs)? Without CTAs, how will you ever convert leads? If you think a millennial will actually call based on your phone number listing, you and the Maytag repairman can keep waiting by the phone.

Site Results in Google Search

How is your Google my business listing? Is it accurate and built out or littered with just the photos from the Google drive by car that took that ugly picture of your back alley (yes, that happened with a client, and we were able to delete that unflattering photo)

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