How We Help You to Craft Marketing Results

What kind of public relations partnership are you seeking? Some clients prefer firms that work independently, as self-directed extensions of the company’s operations. Others like to work hand-in-hand with the communications firms they employ.

We know you may have other partners, too. The team at Felber PR & Marketing welcomes relationships with your venders. We work well with other communications firms such as advertising agencies, production companies and other specialized services and can help you find the right balance that works for your company. We are comfortable in any work situation you require. Our years of experience have shown that different companies and situations require flexibility in the way projects are staffed and challenges are met. No matter how we are integrated, we always adhere to predefined goals and we maintain complete accountability for our performance.

Comprehensive Strategy Provides A Platform For Communications Success

Strategic vision leads to market success. At Felber PR & Marketing, we know that the most dazzling creative and most insightful publicity is always rooted in sound strategy. So, in many ways our people consider themselves to be equal parts strategist and communicator.

With a carefully developed strategy as our map, we apply our expertise in:

Public Relations

Public relations services embrace traditional media-directed activities and the credibility that accompanies it. We place stories on your behalf. We create press conferences and other media events. We maintain a great working relationship with numerous trade media editors and publishers. These relationships enable us to identify new opportunities for your company. In addition, they help assure that we are aligning your messaging with the needs of the media that cover your industry. Of course, programs that Felber PR & Marketing executes can also include corporate advertising, corporate meeting support, speaker support, speakers’ bureaus and crisis communications. In addition, “PR” efforts frequently include other marketing and marketing communications activities.

Marketing Communications

We go beyond the services offered by many public relations firms because we understand the importance of bringing numerous tactical tools into play. We frequently integrate market research into public relations planning. We may support a media campaign with product-focused direct mail. Integration is key. To that point, trade show activities frequently involve elements of public relations, advertising, direct marketing and even social media. Whether we are implementing show activities or pulling together a comprehensive product launch, Felber PR & Marketing provides the consistent messaging and precision required to assure success for your campaign.

Trade Show Marketing

Many manufacturers view trade show participation as the “linchpin” in their marketing strategy. That’s because participation that is impactful and relevant to show attendees can pay off in an entire year’s worth of sales “dividends.” At Felber PR & Marketing, we have experience in all aspects of show participation and we can step in at any level. We can simply support your activities with publicity and collateral. Or we can handle everything from booth and display design and set up – to staffing, lead management and follow-up, as well as other activities that convert trade show participation into marketing success.

Electronic/Emerging Media

There’s an important reason why social media is energizing the imaginations of marketers. Social media generates the kinds of followings which translate to sales increases. Think about it. What marketers came to embrace in the 1990s was the fact that everyone needs to be “on the web.” Today’s new reality is that social media is really the new “business media.” Twitter and Facebook are just two services that can help you build a loyal following, quickly communicate with customer bases, get wider media coverage for your message and generate excitement for virtually any communications campaign or trade show activities.

Pulling it all together

What would we recommend for you? Not all communications activities fit every business-to-business marketer. Chances are your products or services can probably benefit from an integrated approach that maximizes your exposure to the audiences you need to target.

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