Tired of your old website? Frustrated with the ROI you’re not getting on your website? Not getting enough leads from you website?  It’s time to talk website strategy.

An effective manufacturing website needs to demonstrate your industry expertise, provide detailed information on your products and services and ultimately differentiate you from your competitors. While content is king and the backbone of any website, your site should be more than an static brochure.

Your website should be an interactive tool that guides prospects through the sales funnel. Your website should be converting visit to leads, allowing you to more easily convert leads to customers. If your website is not bringing you leads, do not spend another dime.

It is essential to have a constant stream of search engine optimized content to bring prospects into your website (aka the top of the funnel) but it is equally as important to create a path for conversion to capture leads. Then, you can create targeted email marketing with the most pertinent content marketing campaigns that nurture the leads from your website to and shorten the sales cycle.

The Fundamentals of a Manufacturing Website

    • Compelling Design
    • Dynamic Content
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Intuitive Navigation
    • Video Content
    • Calls-to-Actions
    • Landing Pages
    • Mobile Responsive Design

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The way manufacturers make purchasing decisions has drastically changed over the last 10 years. According to a study done by Google, 71% of business-to-business product research starts from a generic query, meaning manufacturers are searching for product or solution to their problem; they’re not looking for you.  

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