2 Business Tools to Thrive Working in a Coronavirus World


We are living in a Coronavirus World and it is evident that this is only the beginning of this pandemic and its impact on our businesses. It is essential that businesses adapt to working remotely when possible.  This week’s Tactics Thursday video focuses on the 2 business tools we use to connect with prospects and customers virtually. These tools are an essential part of our business and allow us to create a great customer experience for clients regardless of location.

Tools mentioned: 

Zoom— a video conferencing platform

I have used every other video conference platform out there and none have been as reliable as Zoom. I have used Zoom 20+ times a week over the last 2 years and never dropped a call or had any issues.

Vidyard– an all-in-one video platform for businesses. 

  • LinkedIn Videos– Such as these Tactics Thursday videos, company announcements, or announcements for Women in Manufacturing Ohio, which I serve on the board as Communications Chair.
  • Client Tutorials– I often do tutorials when clients ask questions showcasing how to perform tasks in HubSpot or walking clients through email campaigns and workflows.
  • Prospects Meeting Follow Up– If I have a strong meeting with a prospect, sometimes I will opt to do a video recap instead of a lengthy email follow up. This cuts through the clutter and adds a personal touch.


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