>Gotta Love Lists

>Who doesn’t love a list of top ten weight loss tips, best new year’s resolutions and banished words… wait, what? Yes, there is a list of banished words. As public relations professionals, we can appreciate strange lists like this one: Lake Superior State University’s List 2009 List of Banished Words.

In 1975, the LSSU public relations director and his colleagues started a list of words that were overused, mis-used and just not useful. Some of this year’s banished words are green, maverick, bailout, Wall Street/Main Street and the first emoticon that resembles a heart: <3. So do you agree with this list or are they missing words that should be on there? As Merriam-Webster adds words each year, LSSU banishes them! Have a little fun and brush up on your vocabulary. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to learn a new word each day!

~ Michelle, Felber & Felber Marketing

>Don’t accept the doom and gloom you hear about the recession

Last week I conducted a seminar for the Industrial Round Table of the Streetsboro Area Chamber of Commerce. Our theme was ‘We refuse to participate in the recession – how about you?’ I partnered with Jim McClintock a sales training coach with The Training Center in Chagrin Falls. We both spoke about the sales and marketing process and how important that the sales and marketing departments always talk with each other. Jim presented on why the sales process is more important in tough economic times and how to get more closure while increasing value. I spoke on the need to keep your marketing efforts strong and ways marketing can assist and create new and better sales leads. The industrial manufacturing sector of the economy is still strong especially in the B to B arena. The reaction from participants echoed this thought as well.

Here is a comment I received after the presentation:


Thanks for the presentation you and Jim made at the Industrial Roundtable last week. The information presented gave me a different perspective on the recession. It’s easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom of the recession but the idea that we shouldn’t accept that attitude and instead continue to make sales calls made sense. I also thought the idea that we had to be prepared for a longer sales process made sense. I think we sometimes get discouraged if the sales don’t close in the amount of time to which we are accustomed. But I know I deliberate more when I spend any money now. The direct marketing campaigns were also very interesting. With the sales environment becoming more competitive we do have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. The examples you showed did exactly that for your customers. The typical marketing materials that have been used in the past won’t accomplish that. All-in-all the presentation gave me a new perspective on how to approach the recession and survive.

I also enjoyed the discussion afterwards about other topics that would be helpful to the industrial companies. I think the group came up with some good ideas. It also made me realize that we’re all facing the same issues. I’m looking forward to future roundtables.


Joe Snee
HR Generalist
Deluxe Corporation

My advice for 2009 is to not look back at 2008, but keep forging ahead for the future is waiting for those who will grab those opportunities.

Happy and more prosperous New Year.

Bruce Felber

>McDonalds vs Burger King

So we all have our favorites. Kind of like Pepsi or Coke, right? I just saw a fun, clever commercial for “The World’s Purest Taste Test” by Burger King. Basically BK’s Thailand commercial is about how BK traveled to a place where the word “burger” doesn’t exist, documented which burger people liked better – Whopper vs. Big Mac and then the commercial drives you to www.whoppervirgins.com!

Tonight, the world will find out which burger won the taste test. Now we know who will win because otherwise why would BK air the spot if the Big Mac was the best?

This TV spot is sparking a lot of controversy from people who think this was insensitive by exploiting people. By clicking that link you can also view the other Burger King commercials.

What do you think?? Leave your comments here.

~Michelle Hirsh, Felber & Felber Marketing