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Ok just when you thought it was safe on the road we have another twist. Read this article:

No Logo: Kentucky Fried Pothole

Kfclogo Kentucky Fried Chicken is diversifying its business model – now moving in to privatized road repair.

Starting in Louisville, KY, KFC is filling city potholes. And then, of course, branding them with KFC logos.

According to the KFC press release:
The KFC Colonel and his professional road repair crew got started in their hometown of Louisville by filling up potholes and re-freshing roads around the city. KFC also issued an open offer to mayors of cities nationwide, asking them to describe their city streets’ state of disrepair. Four of these lucky cities, chosen at random, will receive KFC’s road re-“fresh”ment, promising citizens a smooth drive that is fit for a Colonel.

This just goes to show you that every cloud has silver lining and that that opportunities are out there.


>It’s Time for Green and Health to Marry

>Here’s a great article from our friend, colleauge and resident green expert, Colette Chandler.

For those of you who know me or know what I’m most passionate about it’s the intersection between green and health. I feel this is the missing link, it’s the reason I speak about it regularly and created my newest speaking topic: Creating the green and health marketing balance©
It’s been a popular topic for all of my national speaking engagements including my keynotes. I would expect it will be as popular for international ones as well.

I really think it’s time for the green groups and the health groups to marry each other and combine their households.

Yet, I see few groups, organizations, companies who truly understand this marriage and that it is a match made in heaven. It only makes sense that the green side work with the health side of things. It all balances out in the end. Let me explain…
Everything we do that is moving toward being more environmentally friendly impacts our overall health and wellness. Our environment impacts the air we breathe, what we put into our bodies and so forth. Research has even shown that since 90% of our time is spent in buildings, green buildings could help companies reduce 58 billion in sick time. I heard that great statistic from L. Hunter Lovins.

Yes. I understand we are building more green buildings and many of the builders understand this. Why then aren’t more of the green business groups working with the health groups toward a common goal? Doesn’t it make sense?
I am on a mission to see that this happens. So if you know of a green business group and a health business group, please email me at cchandler@marketing-insider.com. I’m keeping a list of these and will start offering support to both sides to make sure they see what kind of impact this could have.

Helping You Understand and Profit from Consumer Health and Green Trends

Colette Chandler

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