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Ok just when you thought it was safe on the road we have another twist. Read this article:

No Logo: Kentucky Fried Pothole

Kfclogo Kentucky Fried Chicken is diversifying its business model – now moving in to privatized road repair.

Starting in Louisville, KY, KFC is filling city potholes. And then, of course, branding them with KFC logos.

According to the KFC press release:
The KFC Colonel and his professional road repair crew got started in their hometown of Louisville by filling up potholes and re-freshing roads around the city. KFC also issued an open offer to mayors of cities nationwide, asking them to describe their city streets’ state of disrepair. Four of these lucky cities, chosen at random, will receive KFC’s road re-“fresh”ment, promising citizens a smooth drive that is fit for a Colonel.

This just goes to show you that every cloud has silver lining and that that opportunities are out there.


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