Manufacturing Day’s Impact on a Turbulent Economy

Manufacturers have been, and continue to be, on a wild ride. While supply chain is grabbing the headlines, companies know that the heart of the problem is recruiting workers at all stages of production. Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) is a long-standing initiative of The Manufacturing Institute, with the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association as a founding partner. Friday, October 7th, 2022 is the date, however, events take place throughout the entire month of October.

What is MFG Day and why is it important?

MFG Day is manufacturing’s biggest annual opportunity to inspire the next generation to start careers in modern manufacturing through a series of focused events to promote manufacturing to students, parents, and educators.

“Manufacturers in the United States need to fill 4 million jobs by 2030, according to a workforce study by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte. More than half of those jobs could be left unfilled because of two issues: a skills gap and misperceptions about modern manufacturing.” 

It is no secret that there is a labor shortage and skills gap in the United States. Manufacturers have felt this pain for years. What can you do this year to help? Start by looking for a MFG Day event in your area. Better yet, become a creator and host an event.

Need some inspiration? Check out our past articles on Manufacturing Day on our blog. We have articles and stories covering the past seven years. Participating and engaging your local market will impact your recruitment activities.

There are employees out there and, given a choice, they will want to work with a forward-thinking organization that cares about the community they call home. Partner with your schools and technical training organizations. Arrange a tour, create an internship program, and build tomorrow’s workforce today. Yes, it takes effort and resources but to not only survive but thrive, your manufacturing company needs to embrace multiple tactics. Make the commitment and join MFG Day.