>An exciting day for Cleveland

Can you feel it? Football season is almost here! In fact, t
he first day of Cleveland Browns training camp started today. This always makes me excited – but, today was extra special.

I was ecstatic to read this MSN article written by Peter Schrager, an expert contributor to FOXSports.com on the latest edition of the NFL Power Rankings. Why you ask?

“Everyone’s going ga-ga over Cleveland this summer, and with good reason,” is the quote about the Cleveland Browns which are picked number 8 OVERALL.

Number 8? Number 8?! We haven’t been picked that high since the days of the Kardiac Kids or Bernie Kosar!

What in the world does this have to do with business, Katy? Easy.

Because of this ranking, people will become more anxious about the Browns football, so they will travel to Berea to watch the training camp (and spend money on gas). Also, they will need to wear Browns apparel to watch them at training camp, so they will visit their local store to buy wearing apparel (and spend more money). Then, these Browns fans will be so hyped up that they will go to a game (and spend money on tickets, food and beverages – hey, it is Cleveland!)

Maybe some people can’t quite get it together to go to the game, so what do they do? Go to the local sports bar with your buddies (and spend money on food and beverages).

Perhaps some will even attend a Cleveland Browns party. Drinks, food, dog bones made in to necklaces – we’ve all attended one of these fiestas. (Actually, we’ve probably all thrown one of these parties!)

All-in-all, a good team brings in money for the city – New York, anyone? I look forward to football season for many, many reasons. No one can deny that even Pittsburgh Steelers fans enjoy being in Cleveland during football season.

Oh, speaking of THAT team – they were ranked number 9. 🙂


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