>Commercial Bowl Sunday 2010

For those of you who are commercial freaks like me, you were more interested in the commercials than the Super Bowl game between the Saints and Colts. Were the commercials as great as previous years? My opinion – not really. There were definitely a few that receive special recognition but also a few of the big brands that just missed the mark.

After my 6th Annual Commercial Bowl Party was over, I watched the commercials again to make sure I heard and saw everything. Here is my ad meter (compared to USA Today’s Ad Meter ratings) in order of my favorites:

1. Volkswagen Punching – this commercial got the loudest laugh out of me.

2. Snickers – a nice surprise and who doesn’t love Betty White? Much better than their strange commercial they have been running in the last few months about “where does hunger go?”

3. Doritos w/ the dog collar – the best one of the Doritos series but not as good as the “rat” from two years ago.

4. Google – who says you have to be funny? Google scored a touchdown… people can relate they stuck to their brand.

5. E-Trade – between the wolf call and the name calling (aka milk-a-holics), I thought it was well done considering how long can E-Trade keep this campaign going?

Which ones were your favorites? I have to give an honorable mention to Teleflora, Bridgestone (Your Tires or Your Life/Wife) and the Budweiser human bridge.

I was pretty surprised by the various commercials that played on the insecurities or unhappiness of men… did Dove’s real women of beauty spark brands to take back their man-day? Do the underwear, pantless and mall sucker commercials really make you feel motivated to buy their brand now that they just insulted you? Those commercials were such a disappointment that they aren’t even worth adding to my other disappointed list:

1. Coke – what were you thinking? You had the best opportunity to clobber your opponent (Pepsi promoted online advertising and withdrew after 23 years of advertising in the Super Bowl). “Happiness” from drinking Coke could have been done better.

2. Budweiser – “fences don’t come in between friends” was okay but just didn’t move me like previous years.

3. Bud Light – I was looking forward to the house made of beer but it was like watching a movie that you know how it would end… boring.

4. Denny’s – once was enough.

5. Diamond Foods – no comment; it was that bad.

6. Focus on Family – way to take a risk and blow it. There was so much hype and people were ready to see what would happen and then the shocker – nothing happened. Big whoop in technical terms. They had such an opportunity (whether right or wrong) to “market” and they didn’t. I’d be curious to see the web stats on that one.

7. Go Daddy – its time for a new campaign.

8. Letterman – sorry Oprah, I love you but your acting during this commercial wasn’t the greatest. I expected more from this commercial considering the history between all three parties.

That is it for my recap. What are your thoughts on this year’s commercials? Are any of my favorites going to join the ranks of the classic Super Bowl commercials?

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