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Denied, almost

So, you are now on LinkedIn and Facebook. Going a little wild with connections? I did too, until recently. LinkedIn informed me, somewhat politely, that I had gone overboard. See, some people told LinkedIn that they did not know me. (Yes, I guess there are a few folks still left).

Apparently, these ticked off folks tipped off LinkedIn with the “I Don’t Know” (this bloke Felber) button. Anyway, I had to agree to be more careful on invites. They sent me some nice tips as a result of my signing my life away (see below).

See, I was inviting interesting folks that I saw in groups we shared; mostly, it worked very well and I have met with people and made some great connections. Reminds me of the early days of email (anyone remember Cleveland FreeNet?). We sent everything to everyone; that was early spam, sans viruses.

But, be careful. I’ll be trying these tips so I do not get restricted from this great social media tool.


Dear Robert,

We thank you for agreeing to comply with our policies and know that together we can maintain an outstanding website for all of our members.

We would like to share some tips for the acceptance of your invitations:

1. Editing the body of your invitation to prompt a recollection. This can be done when you arrive to the “invite page”. At the bottom, you have the option to add a “personal note” which may be edited to reflect your personalized message.

2. Click on the “Get introduced through a connection” link if this person is connected to someone already in your network.

3. Add a photo of yourself so that members who may not recognize your name but would certainly remember what you look like.
The restriction has been lifted from your account. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.
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