>Driving along the marketing highway

>Do you know how you drive? I mean, do you honestly know your habits? Pay attention next time you drive. I’ll bet you’ll find it interesting which habits you have that you are completely unaware of.

For example, when I drive I seldom will watch the car in front of me. Instead, I watch the car in front of them for brake lights, road hazards and other causes for slowdowns or swerving.

In business, this “habit” may also apply with trends. In emerging media trends, for example, few businesses are actually on the cusp of picking up on these trends. In fact, less than 14% of businesses are using these innovative trends.

Trendwatching.com is a website I have come across who is actively pursuing emerging consumer trends. They give free monthly reports on just what trends are getting hotter in our industry. Check them out, I think you’ll be impressed.

Perhaps, if more businesses looked farther ahead in where they were going, they would be able to proactively jump on emerging trends and see potential bumps in the road before others.

Stay tuned for more on this topic in future blogs.

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