How to Improve Your Call to Actions

Best Practices for Manufacturers looking to Engage their Audience 

Madilyn Movsesian – Marketing Intern

Call to Actions (CTAs) are how manufacturers engage visitors on their website. You see them all the time. Download our technical paper, click here on our eBook, schedule your consultation today. There’s a saying amongst inbound marketers. “Traffic doesn’t pay the bills, leads do.” Visitors taking action on your website is the lead conversion sought after by manufacturers. 

  CTAs are vital for website conversion, and they need to be clear and enticing. For a CTA to be successful, there are a lot of factors that marketers need to pay attention to when building CTAs. Color scheme, timing, positioning, and wording are just a few of these critical elements.  In order to find out what works best for your manufacturing company, try A/B testing your CTA’s. A/B testing a CTA is when you show variations to viewers and examine the results. Testing colors and wording for example and then comparing which CTAs get the best conversion.  The variations may include different colors, changing the timing of the CTA, changing the wording, or putting the CTA in another location on the landing page. HubSpot is a great marketing tool that allows you to track everything from visits, click-through rate, and many other benefits when examining how a CTA performs. 

When it comes to understanding color schemes, make sure your CTAs are bright and easy to spot on your website. Making your CTA noticeable is what will get visitors to convert. Timing is also a key aspect when it comes to CTAs. More often than not, when a CTA immediately pops up on your screen after opening a webpage, your prospect is more likely going to ignore it. Choosing a specific time to show  a CTA is key. Again, test, test, test. Many platforms, such as our favorite, HubSpot allows for options such as a delayed popup CTA or when the visitor has scrolled more than 50% of a webpage. Positioning is another important part when it comes to CTAs. Choosing an effective place to put the CTA that will make a huge difference in conversions. CTAs can and should also be used on your blogs, emails and social media posts.


Lastly, choose your words carefully. Mark Walker-Ford, managing director at Red Website Design, talks about words to use for an effective CTA, “‘learn more,’ ‘get started,’ ‘register today,’ ‘grab my copy,’” and he also writes on words to avoid, “‘download,’ ‘buy now,’ ‘order today,’ ‘submit,’” using the right wording is another necessary facet. 

Michael Brener, writer for the Marketing Insider Group, details few takeaways to consider when creating CTAs: 

  • “Keep your CTAs short when urging “quick” action.
  • Personalization has been shown time and time again to increase conversion. 
  • Buttons convert better than text, links, or images.
  • Make sure your landing pages back up your CTA in terms of content and offers. 
  • Never stop testing your CTAs.”

Interested in learning more about this tactic and how to further engage your prospects and customers? Contact Rob Felber (330) 963-3664, email or grab some time on his calendar and let’s get you on the right path to lead conversion.

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