>License to…..


License to…..

How much do you care about Ohio? Want to secure a vibrant workplace for your children? Improve the environment for business growth? Boost tourism while preserving natural resources?

Today I opened a very thick envelop from the Ohio Department of Development. While I am not a constant cheerleader, I do want to see our state improve. A few short weeks ago I came across the Ohio Ambassador program. I signed up, and then promptly forgot about it.

In today’s package was my very own laminated “License to Share the Ohio Story.” Even the weight of the laminate made me feel special and empowered. Not sure it will get me in the top clubs or invited to the mansion, but the subtleness prompted me to enlist your help.

So, let’s make this entry a place for everything GOOD about Ohio. The company that reads this may relocate here or simply decide to stay; and, they could be your next customer.


Robert Felber
Ohio Ambassador Cardholder

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