It’s Time to Start Planning Manufacturing Day 2016 Events

mfg day 2015 chart

This chart was obtained from the NIST US Dept. of Commerce

Manufacturing Day falls on October 7th, 2016. While it may seem light-years away, it’ll be here before you know it. Manufacturing Day provides manufacturers with the ability to connect with colleagues around the country,  create buzz for their company, and provide an inside view into some of the region’s best careers. In 2015, Ohio was ranked the top state for Manufacturing Day events in 2015 (see chart). Now is the time to plan or your competition will outshine you during this great opportunity to showcase your products and services!

Founded in 2012, Manufacturing Day is an annual national event that “has been designed to expand knowledge about, and improve public perceptions of manufacturing careers and manufacturing’s value to the U.S. economy.” Participants of Manufacturing Day use the hashtag #MfgDay to join the movement and support US manufacturing as a whole, with people and businesses around the country. Popular Manufacturing Day events include plant tours, job fairs, manufacturing community events, expos and celebrations.Don’t forget to register your event on the website.


Our client SSP on Manufacturing Day 2015

Plant tours

Are you looking to showcase your plant to prospective clients,  students, and the community? Now is the time to start send out invites. Schools will be out of session in four months. School administrators and teachers are now beginning to plan their first few months of the 2016-2017 school year. It is important to start the discussion now so they can coordinate with you and get students at your tour.

Job fairs

Job fairs create a great platform to recruit the next generation of manufacturers. Often job fairs can happen at a manufacturing business. However, if you are looking to get a larger pool of candidates, partnering with other manufacturing employers, or perhaps, a staffing firm is an excellent option.

Manufacturing Day Celebrations

Manufacturing Day events are extremely popular and are held the week of Manufacturing Day or even the entire month of October (deemed Manufacturing Month.) Celebrations can be organized by local or regional manufacturing associations, chambers of commerce, or business development groups. Also banks, accounting firms and other businesses that do a significant portion of their business with manufacturers may want to partner with you for a Manufacturing Day event. These can be simple events such as breakfast, lunch, and dinners, followed by tours, Q & A’s and even the occasional political dignitary appearance.

Manufacturing Day is a great way to showcase your company and what makes you special. Ohio had the top Manufacturing Day events last year. There are many ways your company can stand out during this celebration of manufacturing including plant tours, job fairs, and manufacturing celebration events. For more information on Manufacturing Day visit or to discuss event ideas, call or email Felber PR at 330.963.3664 x2 or

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