>Misspellings Should Never, Ever Happen

Misspellings in today’s world is inexcusable. I cringe when I see it in an advertisement or in a newspaper article. Yes, sometimes things happen and you can’t help it but really, with so many eyes on everything before its gets printed or produced, it should never happen.

So why this proofreading reminder? When I was watching ESPN yesterday, the story of the Nationals’ new uniform caught my attention. Thanks to this blog post, we have a visual of how “Nationals” was misspelled in front of millions of viewers.

From approving the design to physically producing them to the players wearing the uniform… many should have caught the error. So how did this mistake get this far? I’m sure yesterday and today will be spent trying to figure out where the process of proofreading failed.

So what can you do to prevent mistakes like this? Proofread, give it to someone else, sleep on it, then proof again. The more eyes the better. Read copy backwards. Read copy out loud, including punctuation. Look things up if you don’t know what something means. Call phone numbers in your ads to make sure you have the right one. Check zip codes. In our days of having everything at your fingertips, there is no excuse. Even text boxes in Mozilla Firefox has a spell check!

~ Michelle Hirsh, Felber & Felber Marketing

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