>One Second and a Heart Attack

Ok the Cavs/Magic games are keeping my stress level up and my heart pumping. Is this good? Game one was tough as we shot ourselves in the foot too many times. Game two we adjusted much better and LeBron is the ultimate champion. Nice to see a game winning buzzer beater, but to win the series we need to play our second half with the same focus and energy as the first half. Don’t get me wrong I am happy we won, but would like it to be a bit more comfortable. Yes we are now playing with the big boys and we have the stuff to do it right. Just like in marketing you need a game plan, talent and the ability to run the play and make the right adjustments.

What does this teach us? Well never underestimate the competition or the market place. Look ahead, but stay on course. Like the Cavs we all want the win, so teamwork is the key. Hard work and true messaging will prevail.

Bruce Felber

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