When Your Prospects and Customers Became Humans


It was easy before virus-interruptus to just plow through prospecting. Sure we sent emails and viewed LinkedIn profiles but did we really get to know our contacts at a personal level? Did we see the human smiling back at you in their profile picture or just click through to see how large the company is or where they are located? When you visited their offices and factories, you did not meet their dogs, see the art in their living room, or watch their kids searching for a snack in the kitchen while you zoomed.

In our new normal, we’re seeing each other with less of the armor of business and more of what makes us human; and that’s a good thing. Remember these experiences and cherish this time. I know that is strange to say, but this is the silver lining. For me, having my college sophomore twins home has led to the most consecutive family dinners since they were toddlers. Share your silver linings and your frustrations with your human prospects and you will certainly discover the person behind the lead.

So, turning 55 in a quarantine birthday was unique. In all the sadness and struggles it was uplifting to have a special day with family and friends. And, if you know my family, we make a habit of including the local news media. Watch me get totally surprised:

Rob Felber birthday surprise, Fox8



Remember when having a dog barking or the kids making noise in the background was so unprofessional? It took the world being put on pause to realize what we were missing – the human connection. Share – laugh – cry, but remember, We’re all in this together. We will be better humans having this experience. Who will you connect with on a new level this week?

My chief barking officer

I would love to hear your stories. Share below in the comments. Here’s to getting to know you better!

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