I’ll Pay For a Gourmet Meal of Your Choice in 30 Years

I'll pay for a gourmet meal of your choice in 30 years

In 2023, to celebrate our 30th anniversary, we wrote about our history, what we’ve learned, and even entertained advice for your younger self, 30 years earlier. Thanks to all those who gave their advice & all those we’ve worked with over the last three decades.

Reflecting on our 30 years in business got me thinking about what could be in store for the next 30 years. I want to make a few predictions on the next 30 years, and if I’m wrong, call me up then. I’ll take you out for a full gourmet meal. Dinner in 2054 will probably be closer to noon – I’ll need to take my nap by 3.

All the rage across every business sector is Artificial Intelligence (AI). While this may certainly play out, I think in the end we’re still human. I predict we might simply call this “intelligence.” I truly hope there is nothing artificial about it, and we use our brains and subsequent technology to better feed the world, cure disease, and in my best “Miss Congeniality” moment, world peace.

I predict marketing will continue to segment. If, in 2024, I can get a replacement TV remote from Amazon in 8 hours delivered to my door, by 2054, I can certainly hope my built-in 5-dimensional printer can make whatever I want in seconds. “Earl Gray Tea, Hot,” Captain Picard. Talk about marketing segmentation! Maybe I can order you any dessert, from any menu in any restaurant in the world, and it will be printed right at our table?! 


I predict businesses and those they employ will still need to buy goods and services. Trade media, the journalists that research, write, vet, and disseminate information will continue to be the expert resource. How, where, and when the information is consumed will be very different. We already have the world at our fingertips, our heads-up displays, and our wearable devices. The battle, I believe, will still be the quality of the information that is delivered. Publishing needs to figure out a new model to survive while not losing the quality of writing and journalism that has existed since drawings were painted on cave walls.

With all the technology and opportunities to market to even the most minute market segments, I predict events called “naked meetings.” No, HR folks do not need to be concerned. These will be throwback events where no technology, wearables, or implanted devices are allowed. People will reconnect on a personal level. They probably will have to watch a brief holographic on something called network events and trade shows. Those really into retro might even have business cards they hand out from their card holders that look like mini briefcases (Yes, I had a black one with two gold latches and a handle). 

Can any of this happen? Maybe, maybe not. But as much fun as it was to look back thirty years, it is even more fun to predict the next 30. As far as my predictions go, I’ll happily eat more than just my words when I take you out for a gourmet meal in 2054. Cheers to a brighter and better future ahead!

Want to chat before 2054? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the future of business in the B2B space. Here’s my calendar!