3 Digital Tactics for Lead Generation for Manufacturers

What do B2B Manufacturing buyers want

Generating and maintaining viable leads is at the core of any successful manufacturing company. Lead generation is the process of initiating consumer interest for products or services with the goal of converting that interest into sales.

But what are the best ways for manufacturers to generate leads? How can manufacturers use digital marketing to generate new leads?

1. Design your website to optimize conversions

The easiest way for consumers to research product and company information is online. 73% of B2B buyers said they pay attention to a supplier’s website when deciding whether to submit RFIs, according to a recent Thomas industrial buyers survey. If your company’s website is not user-friendly, you’re missing out on a ton of potential customers. Using your website to encourage visitors to take action could be a valuable source of new leads.


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For instance, try using a contact section on your site’s homepage where visitors can get in touch immediately to ask questions, or an e-newsletter subscription pop-up to encourage regular communications from your business.

2. Create and share valuable content

The most effective marketing strategies anticipate consumer needs & provide content to meet those needs, even before they ask. In fact, 67% of buyers rely more on content to educate themselves and inform purchase decisions than they did in prior years, according to Demand Gen’s 2020 report.

Inbound marketing can be used to establish trust and symbiotic relationships between your company and its consumers. This process involves generating valuable content which attracts and educates prospects while providing them with information that benefits them. A recent Corporate Visions study reports that 74% of buyers choose the supplier that’s first to add value and insight.

The use of infographics, blogs, and news releases can help satisfy consumers’ informational needs by focusing on their problems & detailing how you can help solve them. Trade shows and webinars are another great way to educate consumers while increasing your company’s awareness and establishing an industry presence.

3. Establish a strong and reliable social media presence

The potential reach for manufacturers on social media should not be underestimated. Owned social pages can be a great place to share valuable content and connect with prospects. It creates a space for manufacturers to create a brand persona, introduce themselves, and communicate with potential consumers on platforms they’re already using.

Another advantage of social media is the potential to research prospects and identify what they are looking for from your company. Knowing more about your audience can help you tailor content to meet the specific needs of your buyers. 80% of marketers said that their content marketing objectives are better met when content is personalized, according to a Seismic demand metric report. Learning how your company can help expand the manufacturing industry is a great way to establish consumer confidence and generate leads.

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