5 Templates to Connect with Someone on LinkedIn That You’ve Never Met

The secret to getting strangers to connect with you on LinkedIn is your introduction. 

It is imperative that each connection request is customized to make a strong first impression. In this week’s Tactics Thursday video, learn 5 different angles you can use to personalize your LinkedIn connect request and improve the likelihood of a stranger accepting your request!


1. The Expertise Angle 

The example uses below uses the expertise angle. By sharing that you were looking for someone with their specific experience, I’m showcasing that you did your homework on their profile and how it made them successful. 

“Hi [Name], 

We’ve never met but your profile came up when I was looking for top engineers at HP. I’m impressed by your background and would love to learn what drew you to work at HP I’ve been especially impressed by HP’s innovation in 3D jet fusion. Can we connect? -Your Name”


2. The Project Angle 

In this approach, you highlight a particular project or accomplishment mentioned on their profile. Then, share how it connects to something you are working on. 

“Hi [Name], 

I found your profile when I was looking for people with experience utilizing HubSpot. I just started using it as well and would love to learn more about ways to better utilize the sales tools. I would love to add you to my network. Best, [Your Name]”


3. The Point-of-View Angle 

In this example, you ask to connect with someone by seeking their perspective on a topic related to a skill set you both share.

“Hi [Name], 

We’ve never met before but your profile came up when I was searching for like-minded 3D printing industry professionals in Cleveland. I wanted to get your perspective on polymer 3D printing. Can we connect?

[Your Name]?


4. The Admiration Angle 

This approach is best when you are reaching out to someone that you admire who is light years ahead of you in your career.  

“Hi [Name], 

We’ve never met but I found your profile when searching for leaders in the 3D Printing Industry. Given you’ve been working in this space or 10 years, I was hoping we could connect. I’d love to learn more about the trends you’ve been seeing in AM. Can we connect? – [Your Name]”



5. The Mentor Angle 

This approach is essentially a way to say thank you and explain to someone how their work has shaped you or taught you something in your career. 

“Hi [Name], 

I’ve been following your content on LinkedIn for the last year. Your wisdom has helped me advance my knowledge of powder bed fusion. Your recent article on 3D Printing Trend Predictions for 2020 was your best yet. Can we connect?”


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