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ISO Compliance Dates are Approaching!

Today’s guest blog is provided by Ty Haines, president of Manufacturing Solutions, LLC.  How to Ensure You Maintaining ISO Compliance Yes, the parent ISO operates like a monopoly.  Yes, it appears they bundled up minor clarifications, reshuffling the requirements and twists of definitions to create ‘new’ standards with the intent to make money.  Yes, a […]

Don’t Waste Time Building Consensus

Today’s blog is written by Rebecca Morgan, President and CEO of Fulcrum ConsultingWorks LLC. As the authoritarian “command and control” organizational structure has fallen out of favor, some believe that consensus is the replacement leadership model. It is not. In fact, finding consensus is best limited to innocuous situations. Working to build consensus can be […]

Join WIRE-Net now!

From humble beginnings, coordinating safety and security for Westside manufacturing businesses, WIRE-Net has grown to include supply chain sourcing and operational efficiency programs for Northeast Ohio manufacturers.  The organization is celebrating 25 years of serving manufacturers with a bold challenge to engage 112 new members this year. They are proud to boast an industry leading […]

Is there such a thing as social media etiquette?

A few months ago, we sent out a tweet briefly describing our services. A twitter user replied a few hours later describing their similar services along with our post. Rude. Has that ever happened to you?  Have people hijacked and/or spammed your posts before? Although it is not explicitly written as “social media law,” there […]

The Power of Storytelling

Felber PR & Marketing, “Adventures in Marketing” – Storytelling is a powerful tool that all manufacturing companies should adopt in order to engage its audience. Rather than presenting news and facts, a leader or a representative of the company can “present important organizational information in a way that resonates with people, engages their imagination and […]

Lean To Green: Manufacturing’s Biggest Innovation Opportunity?

Felber PR & Marketing, “Adventures in Marketing” – Sustainability is an important and cost-saving practice. This popular trend is about “developing and deploying innovative new ideas for products and processes that help improve performance, maximize efficiency, reduce costs, slash waste and increase the bottom line.” Public relations and marketing is an effective tactic that can […]