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Are you looking for a gift that can be shared and enjoyed by many people? Year after year companies are trying to find something to give to their clients that will have a great holiday impact and say thank you for your business. Food gifts fill this need perfectly.

Just think you can touch multiple senses that will have your clients ‘eating out of your hand’ for the entire year and keep your brand alive. The sense of smell, taste, feel and sight will add impact to your gift.

Felber & Felber will be featuring many food gifts at their Open House this November for you to view and taste.

You will see beautiful items in hand-crafted wooden cases with a custom branded logo or message. A variety of nuts, candy and foods (like hams, turkey, sausage) can all be packed to fit your budget and need.

Also if you are looking for the freshest baked cookies and brownies then this is the place. Just think fresh baked cookies that are baked and shipped the same day. They taste just like mom’s kitchen and are made without preservatives. One taste and you will be convinced they are best around. Many packaging options includes stock and custom printed tins, boxes and multi-packs.

Felber & Felber Marketing’s
Open House featuring Corporate Holiday Gifts & Premiums is on November 17, 2009 from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Come visit with us at: Felber & Felber Marketing 1869 E Aurora Rd, STE 400 Twinsburg, Ohio Your business card is your admittance and you must RSVP. Please RSVP here to see the world of corporate gifts and promotions.

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