How to Improve Sales/Marketing in Our Coronavirus World

We are living in a Coronavirus World and it is evident that this is only the beginning of this pandemic and its impact on our businesses. For today’s episode of Tactics Thursday, I will share 3 tips to shift your sales and marketing strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. Trade Show Alternatives– While industry trade shows have shut down, many are looking at providing webinars instead. Webinars provide excellent speaking and sponsorship opportunities for manufacturing companies.
  2. Implement Video – Now is the time to film videos highlighting of your products and processes. You can create simple, short videos using Vidyard or Loom. The only equipment you need is your webcam! Videos can be utilized on blogs, web pages, social media, and sales assets. The opportunities are endless! Check out our blog on incorporating video into your sales strategy for more great tips.
  3. Cue Up The Content– Now more than ever is the perfect time to work on your content marketing strategy. Have a conference call with your sales and marketing department to discuss what content you want to write or film. Check out our blog on content mapping to learn how to create a sound plan that keeps everyone accountable in developing content.

Hope these tips help. Keeping your health and the health of your families in my thoughts during this crazy time to be alive!

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