>I thought my Snapple blog post would be a snap

But instead, I was in the middle of typing the post when I closed Internet Explorer with Snapple’s website up and 30 more websites opened… it wouldn’t stop loading! Do NOT try this at home.

So, let’s try this again! I’m a huge fan of Diet Peach Snapple. I Love the stuff and used to love the advertising. Remember the Snapple Lady? Anyone else know the Snapple song? I couldn’t find it on the web so here it goes from memory:

Sing a song of Snapple but wait until you drink
‘Cause singing while your swallowing is harder than you think!

All across Ohio, Snapple does NOT distribute large bottles. Snapple only sells the better and bigger sizes in other states. In Cleveland, I recently found “Snapple Singles to Go!” packets! As a consumer, I thought I would miss the “real facts” from under the bottle cap however I surprised to find that whoever designed this small, nifty package found room to include their known-for “real fact.” Did you know that mosquitoes have 47 teeth (real fact #129)?

Marketing lesson… be sure when you create product extensions that you keep the brand’s identity intact. Snapple did a great job in doing this!

And please, don’t go to the website as I’m still worried I have a virus.

~ Michelle Hirsh, Felber & Felber Marketing

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