Launch of Felber PR “Mug Shots”

You’re Getting Mugged

john troyer

John Troyer from Ciuni & Panich loves his Felber PR mug as much as his ‘Great Place to Work’

You are getting mugged, but no one is getting hurt! Do you love your Felber PR mug? We hear all the time that it’s people’s ‘favorite mug’. We’ve created an album on our Facebook page called ‘Mug Shots‘, with photos featuring the one and only Felber PR mug.  Our mug is a trusted companion that keeps coffee nice and hot–from late night work sessions to long days managing the factory floor.

tom jackson leverity insurance group

Tom Jackson with Leverity Insurance Group “insures” he always has a strong cup of coffee to start the day helping businesses protect their investments.


We’d like to promote your company through  ‘Mug Shots‘. Just snap a photo with your Felber PR mug. Be as creative as you can, capturing your company’s uniqueness! We can’t wait to see where you are using your mug.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a coffee break and have some fun. You deserve it! Send your photo to We will be continuously updating the album as photos arrive. 

What, you don’t have a Felber mug? Let us know and we’ll send you one!

Click here to view all of the Mug Shots:  Felber PR Mug Shots Album

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