>It has been about week since I returned for the annual convention of the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) and as promised I would report on the event. Well I actually have some real life examples to share with you on where and how effective promotional products are used.

During the Inauguration of President Obama was a great place to illustrate the value of this $19Billion a year industry. Here are just a few:

A One-of-a-kind crystal bowl from Lenox was used to commemorate the moment. Recognition is a large part of the promotional industry as so many items can be used as a keepsake and celebration reminder of the times. This is a great example. View a video story here

You may have noticed how cold it was that day, but don’t despair as everyone was kept warm with a custom embroidered blanket shown here. This is the best coverage of the day and warmed more than your heart.

Then next day the new President signed all of his documents with a custom made CROSS pen made right here in the US. This shows his signature on the timeless gift. You can watch the video of this historic moment.

There were hundreds of examples that day from hats, signs, bumper stickers, buttons and more. Remember that promotional items reach across all audiences and at almost any budget. To learn more contact me at 330-963-3664 x 2 or email me at brucefelber@felberandfelber.com.


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