>Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

>Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great time watching the super bowl, and congratulations to Steelers fans. Since I am working for a marketing firm we thought it would be fun to get the younger generation’s opinion on the commercials. My favorite commercial is the one with the two Potato Heads driving…

Mrs. Potato Head is talking and talking about how Mr. Potato Head needs to slow down and pay attention to the road. Mr. Potato Head swerves out of the way to avoid a herd of sheep. This causes Mrs. Potato Head’s mouth falls off, leaving her not being able to talk; so she takes off her calm eyes and puts on her angry eyes!

This commercial demonstrated how Bridgestone tires work when you need them the most. This commercial is one of the ones that I will remember for a while because of the humor, real-life scenario and the use of a childhood toy. Good work Bridgestone!

Missed the commercial? Watch and rate all of them at USA Today’s Ad Meter.

~ Tali, intern at Felber & Felber Marketing

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