Tactics to Increase LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations


In today’s digital world, having reviews is essential. Reviews help us determine if the restaurant down the street is worth a try, if the latest app really lives up to the hype, or even just to see what people are saying about the newest iPhone release. So while we often look to review platforms such as Google and Yelp for this information, why is it many neglect to see the importance of reviews for themselves professionally?

linkedin-for-manufacturers-ebookMost people know LinkedIn is an important tool for staying connected with professionals in your field of work, but what few realize is the necessity of utilizing the endorsements and recommendations features available on the site.

Both the recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn allow users to give people an accurate depiction of what they do. Though it is essential to utilize both features, they do work very differently within LinkedIn. In this week’s Tactics Thursday video, I break down the importance of recommendations and endorsements and my tips to get more of them on your LinkedIn profile.

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