>The Real Showdown


It is with great sadness I write this blog putting an end to the Cavaliers 2007-2008 season. With a heartbreaking game 7 loss to the overpowering Boston Celtics, our Cleveland Cavaliers will have to make another run at the Championship series next year.

Trying to shed some light on to this situation, I did take note of a few national commercials spotlighting the key players on these two teams. The first commercial for Vitamin water (YouTube video here) uses LeBron’s ball handling skills and witty commentary to prove his opponent is faking an injury and wins his case in court. The other commercial for Gatorade’s League of Clutch (YouTube video here) shows Kevin Garnett in various still captures from games throughout the season, often times capturing him with sweat dripping down his pain-striken face.

As a marketer’s perspective, both commercials are done very well. But begs the obvious question, which is more entertaining? Sorry Garnett, you might have moved on to the next round but LeBron beat your creativity in commercials. LeBron gets my vote.


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