>Thou shall not endorse unhealthy advertising!

>Marketers across the country are getting a harsh wake up call from the FTC. From an article recently released, there is a great concern for childhood obesity in the United States – and the FTC is blaming markterers.

Although this report is from 2006, advertising “bad” products to kids is nothing new. For years celebrities have been endorsing products harmful to children’s (and everyone else’s) health. For those of you who are thinking it’s because “the times are changing” or because “children nowadays don’t have good influences” – you are mistaken. I challenge you to think back not so long ago when you were my age and some of your favorite actors were endorsing cigarettes. What ever happened to those celebrities anyway?

Funny you should ask. Here is a small sampling of the celebrities who endorsed the Chesterfield brand of cigarettes and what happened to them.

Ann Sheridan died of esophageal and liver cancer in 1963. She was 51.
Betty Grable died of lung cancer in 1973. She was 56.
Bing Crosby died of a heart attack in 1977. He was 74.
Ed Sullivan died of esophageal cancer in 1974. He was 73.
Joe DiMaggio died of lung cancer in 1999. He was 84.
John Wayne died of lung and stomach cancer in 1979. He was 72.

It is interesting to note, Chesterfield claimed their cigarettes left you with a fresh taste in your mouth and helped to keep you vibrant and active.

My, oh my.

Any predictions on how Justin Timberlake will fair eating McDonald’s food he lovingly endorses?

Surely, Donovan McNabb will be fine eating his Campbell’s Soup, right?

And where where will Nelly be in 30 years from drinking his Pimp Juice energy drink?

In your opinion, what products that are around today will be deemed unhealthy in the future?


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