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Narrowcasting: Using TV or radio (broadcasting medium) to appeal to people of different interest.

One of the main reasons I became interested in advertisement and marketing was from the persuasion of advertisements of TV and radio. They are always trying to persuade you to think one way, or act another. It fascinates me how the littlest things can alter the way people think. For instance,my favorite commercials are the “anti-drug” commercials.

One of my favorite ones is of these three boys walking up to a horse and the one boy pulls the tail of the horse and the horse kicks him in the shin. One of the other boys gets fascinated by this and pulls the horse’s tail also kicking him in the shin but, the third boy realizes how dumb it is, turns and walks away.

To me, this commercial is saying if you know something is dumb, don’t try it . The commercials have such a humor about them that keeps the audience interested – most often it is their plot which has something to do with a current major problem. I know personally, and speaking for my generation, we are easily fascinated in the easiest, smallest little thing. So, if commercials continue to come up with ideas that are short and sweet right to the point, most likely they continue to be remembered


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