Our own Bruce J Felber, MAS, has been elected to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Board of Directors for a four-year term beginning in January 2009. A membership of 7,500 global members elected Felber to the 19-member board in addition to another promotional consultant and two industry suppliers.

Did you know?
A 25-year veteran of the promotional products industry, Bruce has severed on many PPAI committees over the years. Most recently he was chairman of the Public Relations Committee. Bruce is a PPAI mentor and instructor for the Promotional Consultant Academy, a hands-on, highly experiential learning lab designed to raise the professional level of the promotional consultant. Locally, he was a two-time president of The Ohio Promotional Products Association and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in March 2008. Read more about Bruce.

Join me in congratulating Bruce on this huge honor!

>Boo! Did I scare you?

Ok ghouls and goblins it is your time. In case anyone did not realize today, October 31, 2008, is Halloween. This means you have an excuse for dressing up and playing pranks. It is also the time to enjoy sweets (your dentist will love this) and look into innocent faces as they say “trick or treat”.

Do today’s kids even know what that means? Will anyone really give or get a trick? I would be curious if anyone could find some non-traditional approaches to this holiday.

If you are so inclined and would love to share photos or ghostly stories, please do so. Remember that there are many children roaming the streets tonight, so slow down and drive safely. This is a fun holiday, but let us all respect each other and their properties.


>Ohio Means Business


A few months ago, Rob Felber was interviewed about Ohio’s business environment. The interview was just released last week! Learn more about what Ohio has to offer to those who work and want to have some fun too.

~ Michelle Hirsh, Felber & Felber Marketing

>I thought my Snapple blog post would be a snap

But instead, I was in the middle of typing the post when I closed Internet Explorer with Snapple’s website up and 30 more websites opened… it wouldn’t stop loading! Do NOT try this at home.

So, let’s try this again! I’m a huge fan of Diet Peach Snapple. I Love the stuff and used to love the advertising. Remember the Snapple Lady? Anyone else know the Snapple song? I couldn’t find it on the web so here it goes from memory:

Sing a song of Snapple but wait until you drink
‘Cause singing while your swallowing is harder than you think!

All across Ohio, Snapple does NOT distribute large bottles. Snapple only sells the better and bigger sizes in other states. In Cleveland, I recently found “Snapple Singles to Go!” packets! As a consumer, I thought I would miss the “real facts” from under the bottle cap however I surprised to find that whoever designed this small, nifty package found room to include their known-for “real fact.” Did you know that mosquitoes have 47 teeth (real fact #129)?

Marketing lesson… be sure when you create product extensions that you keep the brand’s identity intact. Snapple did a great job in doing this!

And please, don’t go to the website as I’m still worried I have a virus.

~ Michelle Hirsh, Felber & Felber Marketing

>Obligation and Right.

We are closing in on the November ’08 elections and it is an understatement to say it is business as usual. We are facing the most significant election of modern times. With our financial future and our basic way of life being challenged this is when all of us must step forward and make voting decisions.

Our federal election is surely on all of our minds and whether we own our own business, work for a large or small company we know times are being tested. For some of us this is a new experience and for many just another in our lifetimes. I am sure if we all work together we can make the turn for a brighter and more profitable future, but not without some hard choices and a new dedication to see it through.

Don’t forget about our local issues either. State, county and city issues are just as important. Grass roots efforts are the catalyst for many national changes. Consider these initiatives when voting.

I urge all of us to study all our federal, state and local issues very carefully and vote from your heart. As Americans we are extremely lucky to have an open system by which we can change or strengthen our lives. I was always taught that it is not just an obligation and right to vote but a privilege we should not take lightly. President Lyndon Johnson said, “The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men.”

Together we can make a difference in our lives by keep our communities and country strong. Thank you to all of our members that continue support and volunteer for our chamber.

Bruce Felber

>Fonts on Highway Signs

>We all love playing with different typefaces – they make us understand the document or ad better… is it serious, playful, cheerful, dramatic, old school, fancy, etc?

Designers could spend hours making sure the type is just perfect, meaning that it sets the tone, is readable and even desirable. But have you ever thought about how typefaces are used on public signs?

In a recent report on WKYC, a new font will be used on signs around northeast Ohio’s highways! Why? They are trying to make the signs easier to read, resulting in hopefully less accidents.

Now if only the new signs could be legible and seen in winter!!

~ Michelle Hirsh, Felber & Felber Marketing

>Word of the day

Narrowcasting: Using TV or radio (broadcasting medium) to appeal to people of different interest.

One of the main reasons I became interested in advertisement and marketing was from the persuasion of advertisements of TV and radio. They are always trying to persuade you to think one way, or act another. It fascinates me how the littlest things can alter the way people think. For instance,my favorite commercials are the “anti-drug” commercials.

One of my favorite ones is of these three boys walking up to a horse and the one boy pulls the tail of the horse and the horse kicks him in the shin. One of the other boys gets fascinated by this and pulls the horse’s tail also kicking him in the shin but, the third boy realizes how dumb it is, turns and walks away.

To me, this commercial is saying if you know something is dumb, don’t try it . The commercials have such a humor about them that keeps the audience interested – most often it is their plot which has something to do with a current major problem. I know personally, and speaking for my generation, we are easily fascinated in the easiest, smallest little thing. So, if commercials continue to come up with ideas that are short and sweet right to the point, most likely they continue to be remembered


>The word of the day

>DAGMAR– Goals set for a campaign are easily met.

Sure it is easy to set goals in life but, the hardest thing is to go through with them. Think of the definition, your life is the “campaign” and you set goals to make it “the perfect campaign”. In order to achieve your perfect campaign you have to push through with your goals and make it memorable.


>Advertising Icon Dies


House Peters Jr., otherwise known as “Mr. Clean,” died yesterday at the age of 92 years old.

“Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean…” was a great jingle, one lasting for fifty years. And who says advertising doesn’t work?

May he rest in peace.

~ Michelle Hirsh, Felber & Felber Marketing

>Word of the Day

>Today’s word of the day: Defrag

Definition of defrag: the process of compressing files on a hard drive to improve speed and efficiency.

Make sure you defrag your computers at least once every two weeks!! -Tali