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>Ah, the power of advertising. Did it work? How do you measure it? Will it create buzz? These are all great questions. For those non-believers in advertising, check out this story about the Derrie-Air hoax played by The Philadelphia Inquirer. Basically, Philly ran an ad for Derrie-Air, a new airline that charges passengers by the […]

>We’ve moved!

> It is time to say goodbye to Church Street. The Felber Team has had many memories here over the years, along with many Adventures in Marketing. Please update your new address as we make the journey down Aurora Road to our new home. 1869 E. Aurora Rd, STE 400Twinsburg, OH 44087 * * * […]

>The anti-water bottle

> It has begun, the new adventure into non-plastic water bottles – and they aren’t being shy about bragging. SIGG USA has developed an eco-friendly, reusable water bottles, ideal for those concerned with their health and their environment. This water bottle is much friendlier on the environment and our surroundings than the other alternatives on […]

>Then and now

>Granted, I don’t watch that much TV so I don’t see that many commercials. (Also, having TiVo helps eliminate any I would see.) Growing up in this new wave of technological advancements and new advertising, one can’t help but notice the drastic differences in advertising from 20 years ago. Here is an example of advertising […]

>Which "to" is it?

>Everyone makes mistakes. Usually they are innocent, most of the time they are fixable – but what if they aren’t? Agencies take the time to ensure everything is grammar-proof and correct before going to print. This step is performed numerous times over to protect our client’s message and name. Proper spelling and usage of words […]

>Sorry fellas, this one is for the ladies.

>Like many women, I went to see Sex and the City this weekend. Admittingly, I am a huge fan of the show but was sad to hear one of the characters mention in an interview that someone in the show dies in the movie. This was not something I was looking forward to! Details of […]

> A topic that forever shook up and changed the lives of our participants… Special Seminar Announcement: Discover and Launch theCareer You’ll Love to Do June 21, 28 and July 12Saturdays 10:00am – 1:00pmCorporate College East Click to register: www.FastFocusCareers.comor call us: 216-397-9900 If you’re ready to find a career path you’ll love… Fast Focus […]

> Today I had the opportunity to do mock interviews at our high school to help young students better prepare to enter the work force. I have been doing this for several years and it always amazes me to find out what career ideas and interests a 15-16 year old may have. First off I […]

>Blogging caution

> Intrigued by a conversation with a friend of mine in a graduate program at a local university this evening got me thinking about blogging. During her summer classes, students are paired off each week with a different partner – this week she was paired up with a very unique woman who has a thing […]

>Then and now

>In 1979, Intellivision was introduced to the United States. This was a relatively simple system to use and offered a variety of games of basic use. Nowadays, game systems have real-life graphics and internet multi-user capabilities. What a dramatic change from years ago. Sparked from my first experience with the Nintendo Wii this weekend, I […]