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>When I was your age, Pluto was a planet.

>Initially, this Facebook group just made me laugh. Whether that is because I am easily entertained or not is a different story all together – but, think about that for a minute. The children growing up now will be educated with the solar system as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. No Pluto. […]

>And the winner is…

>Zurich, Switzerland. This city was named by BusinessWeek as the world’s best place to live. Who else was made the list? 1. Zurich, Switzerland2. Vienna, Austria (tied)2. Geneva, Switzerland (tied)4. Vancouver, Canada5. Auckland, Australia6. Dusseldorf, Germany7. Munich, Germany (tied)7. Frankfurt, Germany (tied)9. Bern, Switzerland10. Sydney, Australia Curious how your city ranked? Check it out.-Katy

>Eat your fruits and vegetables, but be careful

>Fruits and vegetables are prone to harboring various harmful diseases in the summertime – such as the recent outbreak of salmonella. The FDA has recently announced more cases of this outbreak in more than 30 states bringing the total to at least 383 cases. In order to avoid getting sick this summer time take certain […]

>The "Windows 95" Generation

>A visit from Rob’s twin daughters and the research I have been conducting on social networking and integration got me thinking about the way I was raised. I lovingly refer to my generation as the “Windows 95” generation since I was in grade school when this began to errupt. This generation growing up now uses […]

>Ahead of the game

>Honda is setting out to release their newest model, the FCX Clarity. FCX Clarity is, “a next-generation, hydrogen powered fuel cell-powered vehicle” according to sources. It is also about twice as efficient as a hybrid-electric vehicle and three times more efficient than a conventional gasoline vehicle. A limited number of vehicles will be leased to […]

>A Great Man Who Will Always Be Remembered

> To wake up on Sunday morning and Watch “Meet The Press” has always been a tradition or more recently a habit. So this Sunday was no different – or was it? There was an almost biblical feeling. A feeling like something was not right. To watch the show I have grown up with and […]

>Getting Settled

> Today marks one week we have been in our new home… and we are almost settled. Here is a little taste of the progress we have made: Bruce, still working. We aren’t sure the man ever stops… Rob’s office, looking quite organized. My office, neat for the first time. Katy’s desk (notice the Cleveland […]

>Who, that, which?

>Piggybacking off of my article on June 3rd, “Which “to” is it?” I have decided to keep these grammar lessons going. In writing, it is crucial to have correct word placement. There are many commonly misused words people use everyday not realizing what they are actually saying. A few of my favorites are below: Accept […]

>Chief Growth Strategist, Andy Birol

>On Wednesday, June 11th I had the unique opportunity to witness Andy speak at the all Portage County Chamber Luncheon. Speaking to all five chambers was a personal record for Andy, and I was more than impressed with his style, delivery and business motivation. He has re-created his position as “Chief Growth Strategist” targeting the […]