>Word of the Day

>In keeping with the Olympic spirit, today’s word of the day is: Reach

Definition of Reach: The approximate number of people (or households) exposed to a particular advertising media or media schedule during a specified time.

…for instance, the USA-China game had more viewers than any other basketball game in history. Any guesses on how many people that would be??

184 million people according to TNS research. WOW.



>Word of the Day

>Today’s word of the day: Stickiness

Definition of stickiness: (not that kind of stickiness on your fingers after eating something!) This definition refers to approximately how often people will return to a Web site.

>Word of the Day

>Today’s word of the day: Ambush Marketing

Definition of Ambush Marketing: An attempt, made deliberately, to gain the benefits of being associated with a major event (such as the Olympics) without being a licensed and official sponsor of the event, or without paying the fees associated with official sponsorship.

>Word of the Day

>Today’s word of the day: Mobile Commerce

Definition of Mobile Commerce: Otherwise known as M-Commerce, the complete access to internet from a mobile device, typically a cell phone or a PDA.

This wave of technological advancement has been made even more popular from the iPhone explosion!

>Word of the Day

>Today’s word of the day: Business Plan

Definition of Business Plan: A document articulating a new business idea used to gain interest from potential investors and to serve as a guide for the team in building out the business. This will particularly focus on the overall idea, the executive management team, the marketing mix and the economic foresight.

>Word of the Day

>The word of the day is: Exploratory Research

Definition of exploratory research – A strategic research design which emphasizes gaining ideas and insights.


>Word of the Day

>The word of the day is: Viral Marketing

Definition of viral marketing – a marketing strategy encouraging people to pass along messages to others in order to generate exposure.


>Word(s) of the Day

>Since there was not a word of the day yesterday, today is going to be twice the fun!

The first word of the day is: Hybrid model

Definition of hybrid model – a series of two or more e-marketing payment models.

* * *

The second word of the day is: Media Kit

Definition of media kit – a collection of materials developed by an advertising agency to assist prospective buyers evaluate advertising opportunities and publicity options.


>Word of the Day

>The word of the day is: Acculturation

Definition of acculturation – A process in which people in one culture learn to understand and adapt to the norms, values, lifestyles and behaviors of people in a different culture.

(Remember this when learning to cross-advertise in different countries than your own!)


>Word of the day

>The word of the day is: Demographic segmentation

Definition of demographic segmentation – Dividing consumers into groups based on selected demographics, so that different groups can be treated differently.

For example, two advertisements might be developed, one for adults and one for college students, because the two seperate groups will be attracted to different types of advertising appeal.