Easy Steps to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Looking to improve your LinkedIn presence, increase profile views, and connection requests? In this week’s Tactics Thursday video, I delve into some easy steps to perfect your LinkedIn profile!

The Basics

Current background photo– No other people, plants, or pets in the background. Waist up or headshot only!
Background image– Change the boring blue patterned banner to a product photo or your logo and tagline to add some interest to your profile.
Targeted description line– If you don’t create a description line, it will default to your job title and company. Here’s a great example of a description line that makes you want to click on the profile from my boss Rob Felber! Example: “Owner and Marketing Executive that fights fires, literally. Marketing for Manufacturers”
Contact Info– updated email, phone, and website link to current company

linkedin-for-manufacturers-ebookThe summary

This section is an excellent place for you to make a knock-out first

Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider.

Do: Discuss the capabilities and products marketed by your company.
Don’t: Write paragraphs about yourself. One short paragraph and bullets will
suffice (let’s face it, people don’t have time to read anymore)
Do: List past clients you’ve worked with or verticals you serve (e.g. agriculture,
metalworking, aerospace, etc.)
Don’t: Include your life story, how many kids you have, or your political views. Focus solely on your career. Leave personal information to your private personal social media channels!
Do: Highlight experience on professional boards, volunteer experience, awards, and certifications!

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