How to Make This Year The ‘Year of Content’

This week’s Tactics Thursday video is all about how to make 2020 the Year of Content! I walk you through the steps of creating a strong content plan to release one piece of content a week. Here are some simple ways to create content topics that are relevant and engaging for your prospects and customers.



  1. Review Social Media & Website Form Submissions– Jot down common themes and if you don’t have content on each of these topics, develop it!
  2. Repurpose videos and webinars– Webinars and videos can be repurposed! Consider including the video of your latest webinar and transcribing the script or creating a blog or ebook which includes your video!
  3. Review your manufacturing network on LinkedIn– I’m sure you’re following influencers in your industry on social media. See what they’re talking about, write down common themes, and consider taking your own spin on hot topics.
  4. Set Google Alerts– Google Alerts allow you to stay up-to-date on industry news. Consider writing an opinion piece while the news is fresh!
  5. Showcase industry research and case studies– White papers and case studies offer third party credibility to your brand. They show customers that you are legit, knowledgeable, and a company worth considering as a partner.
  6. Recap industry events– Take a video at your next trade show and create a recap video of the trade show or write a blog on what you learned at the industry conference you attended.
  7. Highlight giving back- Remember, your customers do not want to buy from a “vendor” they want to buy from people. Making the public aware of the company’s volunteering brings a human aspect to your brand and helps you develop deeper relationships with your prospects.
  8. Survey prospects and customers– If you’re stumped for content go directly to the people who are consuming yours. Create a simple 5-minute survey about your content to gauge if your prospects and customers like your content or if not, what types of content they would enjoy seeing from you in the future.

Once you have a strong list of content topics, create a plan to make sure you have a clear understanding of what content is going out each week for the next year. Our blog Why Manufacturers Need a Content Map for Inbound Market Success walks you through how to take these content ideas and create a strategy to execute developing strong content.


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