Grow Your Manufacturing Workforce – Manufacturing Day 2017

manufacturing day 2017

Manufacturing is booming in the United States, yet there is one major concern holding companies back from growing to their full potential: manufacturing workforce. We exclusively work with business-to-business manufacturers and at every single meeting, regardless of whether we’re discussing trade shows, content development or publicity, the topic eventually turns to talent acquisition.

Manufacturers across the country continue to struggle with attracting qualified workers. Manufacturers tell us workers do not have the skills needed to operate a more advanced machine, many are lacking soft skills for the work place and worse, many cannot simply pass a drug test. Is this an epidemic? You tell me…a recent meeting with a colleague revealed they could add one million more in sales if they had the workers to produce the goods.

So, why is your talent on third base looking for signs from their coach? It’s summer and school is out. Before we know it the lazy, hazy days of August will turn to the Labor Day picnics and the beginning of another school year.

Now, not three months from now, will be the time to plan your Manufacturing Day events. Teach students, parents and educators why manufacturing is a strong and worthwhile career. Demonstrate your capabilities while you recruit future talent.

Not sure how to begin? Here’s a few stories to get you started:

Planning articles: It’s Time to Start Planning Manufacturing Day 2016 Events and I Don’t Work In Manufacturing So Manufacturing DaSubscribe to Our Newslettery Doesn’t Matter

Past events: Manufacturing Day Campaign 2015 and, always photos: Facebook photos from past events and tours

Make sure to invite your local reporters. Local stories help recruit talent. While discussion the media release on a recent plant expansion, we reminded our colleagues that the local press is what your neighborhood workforce is reading. Product sales might come from trade publications, but home town news provides the buzz in your city. The business media loves to report on positive manufacturing news:Local Manufacturing Day events aim to produce buzz for industry

Lastly, don’t forget to list your event. Yes, search engines love listings and Manufacturing Day is a national event. List your event on the Manufacturing Day site Felber PR & Marketing Event

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