10 Ways to Reignite Your Manufacturing Blog


Is your manufacturing blog lacking content? Sitting down to develop a content map or write a new post but nothing is coming to you? Great manufacturing blog content may be right under your nose. Here are some simple ways to find and create blogs that are relevant and engaging to the various verticals and buyer personas that you serve.

  1. Review Social Media & Website Forms

Are people consistently asking the same kinds of questions on your contact us form? Are people leaving comments on your blog or social media? These are all great places to get a sampling of your audience and their unique needs, wants and preferences. What content is getting the most engagement? Your audience is probably already telling you what to do.

  1. Re-purpose Videos and Webinars

Have a great video of your process? Did you do a webinar showcasing your industry expertise? Just because you shared your videos and webinars doesn’t mean they can’t be re-purposed! Embedding videos provides visual interest. Consider transcribing the script of the video for a blog series or create an eBook.  Remember, to have good search engine optimization ranking, aim for 300-500 words in your blog content.

  1. Check Out Your Manufacturing Network

Look at manufacturing industry related LinkedIn Groups to identify current trends and issues facing their industries.  Also, follow industry experts on LinkedIn and Twitter.  While you’re checking your feed, jot down trending topics for content inspiration.

  1. Set Google Alerts

Google Alerts are a simple want to stay on top of industry trends. Set Google Alerts with keywords from your industry or the verticals you serve. Google alerts will send you emails with your pre-defined industry headlines.

  1. Debunk Manufacturing Misconceptions

Notice any common manufacturing misconceptions? Don’t be scared to explain why the misconceptions are wrong and take the opportunity to explain how your products and services address the challenge.

Example: A common misconception our client in the gasket and rubber products industry faces is that o-rings and lathe cut gaskets are interchangeable. Writing a blog on the 5 differentiators of a lathe cut gasket vs an o-ring in a certain application is a great way to showcase your expertise and give your audience valuable knowledge.

  1. Showcase Industry Research and Case Studies

Let’s face it: people are naturally skeptical of what they see on online. Your prospects know that you can say anything you want about yourself on your website. That’s where your white papers and case studies come in. White papers and case studies add third person credibility to your company.

  1. Interview Your Employees and Business Partners

Hearing firsthand from your employees and business partners why they like your company and enjoy working with you. Employee spotlights and partnership spotlights always make great pieces of content.

  1. Recap Industry Events

Attend or present at an industry trade show or seminar? Share the key takeaways in a short 300 word blog with photos from the event. Don’t forget to caption the photos as captions are often the most read item on a page!

  1. Highlight Giving Back

Does your company raise money for charity or volunteer for a specific cause? Bring awareness to your philanthropic efforts and invite others to participate. Remember, your customers do not want to buy from a “vendor” they want to buy from people. Making the public aware of the company’s volunteering brings a human aspect to your brand and helps you develop deeper relationships with your prospects.

  1. Survey Your Prospects and Customers

If you’re stumped for content go directly to the people who are consuming yours. Create a simple 5 minute survey about your content to gauge if your prospects and customers like your content or if not, what types of content they would enjoy seeing from you in the future.
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